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Please refer to our Facebook page for information about store events!

We are in the process of updating our website and will have a revamped blog and event page coming soon :)....

Safety within the Autism Community

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April Events for the Denver Autism Community

Safety Awareness -  April 16th at the Autism Community Store
Life Trak Locator Program, home security and more
Come learn key strategies to help keep our kids safe!

Rocky Mountain Autism Summit - April 19th. 

More information and tickets available at:

March Events for the Autism Community

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Coffee and Community!

Stop by the Autism Community Store March 19th for FREE coffee from the Dirt Coffee Truck, and save 20% off your entire purchase with your empty cup!

Saturday, March 19th
10:00 a.m. -  12:00 p.m.

Dirt is a non-profit coffee truck with a mission to train and employ young adults with autism.

Dirt will be providing free coffee to anyone who visits the Autism
Community Store. This event is
intended to spread the mission while providing an opportunity for their employees to gain
valuable experience in a 'fast paced' environment as they
prepare to open up a store front in 2017.

Just come with a smile and leave with a great cup of coffee; always
locally roasted and hand crafted.

Funding the Autism Journey

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Funding the Autism Journey: Medicaid Waivers and how to become a paid caregiver for your child.

Autism Community Store

Saturday, February 27th
4:30 p.m. -  6:00 p.m.

You don’t have to navigate the system alone!

Andrea Reitzel spent years navigating the maze of health care finances as a parent of two
children with complex medical issues. Join us as Andrea shares her knowledge of key
financial resources available to children with developmental disabilities or intensive medical needs. 

Andrea will discuss:

  • The 5 Children’s Medicaid Waivers -- CES, CHCBS, CWA, CLLI and CHRP -- what they are, their requirements and how to apply.
  • The Medicaid Buy-in Program
  • How to become a paid parent Caregiver, parent CNA or In Home Support Services attendant

Andrea Reitzel, a former HRIS/Payroll Project Manager, created All for Kids Home Health to help families facing the challenges that hers had.  All for Kids Home Health offers in-home Pediatric Therapy, including Speech, OT and PT, as well as Pediatric Nursing. They have holistic services to address medical, financial and social needs and can help family members become paid caregivers for their qualifying children.

Get active with your kids in 2016!

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Activities for Body & Brain - a free event for our families!

Saturday, January 16th
4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Autism Community Store

Learn how to be active with your special kids!
Engage the body and brain for focus,
happiness and better sleep.

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Holiday Rules when you have Kids with Autism

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Holiday Rules when you have Kids with Autism

Embrace the holidays on your family’s terms.
It’s OK if your holidays look different than ingrained expectations -- other people’s probably do too!

Always have something on the holiday table your child loves to eat.

Allow your child to move in and out of family gatherings.  

Give your kids the gifts they want, not the ones you wish they wanted. It’s hard to resist the educational toys your child needs, but ask yourself, “will they be excited to see what’s inside? ” if not, don’t wrap it!  

Buy gifts based on their interests -- music, trains, light - up toys, even food!  
It’s OK to wrap candy.

When in doubt choose sensory gifts -- they are a gift for the whole family.  Swings, weighted blankets, trampolines, etc. can make the child more comfortable and meaningfully engaged, giving the whole family the gift of peace.

Have wrapped gifts ready to go out of the package.  What child has the patience to wait for their gift to be detached from the packaging, assembled, batteries inserted or inflated?

Understand that each Christmas or Hanukkah creates your child’s memories and associations for the future.  Enjoy, relax, make it fun and they will look forward to the holidays next year.

November Events at the Autism Community Store

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Come listen to inspirational speaker Brent Anderson talk about how he has used humor to navigate life with Autism, Saturday, November 21st 10:30 - 12:00!

Also, Sibling Clubhouse meets this Saturday, 4 - 6. We will be begininning a community project about gratitude. Stay tuned :).

November Events at the Autism Community Store

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August Events at the Autism Community Store!

By Autism Community Store July 29, 2015

Join us for a weekend of events for the autism community!

Sibling Clubhouse, Saturday, August 8th & Free Haircuts, Sunday, August 9th (please call for an appointment)

August Autism Events

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Autism & Special Needs Community Garage Sale

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BUY!  SELL!  Don't miss the once-a-year community garage sale July 19th in the Autism Community Store parking lot!

July Autism Events at the Autism Community Store

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Autism Expert Shares Tips for a Successful Summer!

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