Embrace the holidays on your family’s terms. 
It’s OK if your holidays look different than ingrained expectations -- other people’s probably do too!

Always have something on the holiday table your child loves to eat.

Allow your child to move in and out of family gatherings.  

Give your kids the gifts they want, not the ones you wish they wanted. It’s hard to resist the educational toys your child needs, but ask yourself, “will they be excited to see what’s inside? ” if not, don’t wrap it!  

Buy gifts based on their interests -- music, trains, light - up toys, even food!  
It’s OK to wrap candy.

When in doubt choose sensory gifts -- they are a gift for the whole family.  Swings, weighted blankets, trampolines, etc. can make the child more comfortable and meaningfully engaged, giving the whole family the gift of peace.

Have wrapped gifts ready to go out of the package.  What child has the patience to wait for their gift to be detached from the packaging, assembled, batteries inserted or inflated?

Understand that each Christmas or Hanukkah creates your child’s memories and associations for the future.  Enjoy, relax, make it fun and they will look forward to the holidays next year.