EZ - Clean Weighted Lap Pad– 5 pounds

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The Creature Commforts EASY to clean 5lb Weighted Fidget Lap Pad is expertly designed for convenience and maximum therapeutic benefit.  These weighted lap pads are handmade in Colorado using organic millet (birdseed). The lovely blue color fabric is soft on the eyes. These hygienic lap pads measures 14" x 19”, weighs 5 lbs and are perfectly sized for individuals weighing 70 pounds and up.

The Creature Commforts Lap Pad is easy to disinfect and wipe down. They are made of nylon rip-stop fabric (like tents and parachutes), with a muslin cotton interior, so they aren’t noisy. They have stretchy elastic loops on the sides where you can attach fidgets!

Finally, a weighted Lap Pad that is perfect for any setting where you want to be able to disinfect a weighted item between users or locations.

These Lap Pads provide therapeutic benefits for individuals with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety and more.

Also great for dining or any use where the lap pad could get messy

The cover is not removable

Fidgets are not included