Flip Sequin Star

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The beautiful plush Flip Sequin Star has vibrant eye catching colors. It is a calming plush heart that provides soothing tactile input.


It is great for adults and children with Autism, ADHD, SPD and anxiety. You can glide your fingers over the smooth metallic sequins, flipping to the reverse side and magically revealing a different color. This pillowy little 5 inch star encourages fine motor skills, creativity and spatial reasoning. Great for a student to keep at their desk while they run their hands over the sequins to get a stimulating sensation so they may focus on the topic at hand or for adults at the office to take little stress reliving breaks so they may reboot their body and mind in order to maintain creative focus in the work place.  This sweet little twinkling star is a soon-to-be cherished addition to your sensory room décor.

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