Jumbo Grip Pencil

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This pre-sharpened, triangular shaped pencil has soft comfort dots for a non-slip grip, making it ideal for beginners and those with fine motor skills issues. They also provide unique sensory input that can help the user better attend to their task.


Jumbo Grip Pencils are the perfect pencil for beginners and those with fine motor skills issues. Recommended by occupational therapists, these Number 2 Graphite Pencils feature a jumbo triangular shape that helps customers learn proper grip while preventing hand fatigue with soft, non-slip grips throughout the pencil. The triangular shape of these graphite pencils will keep your pencils from rolling off your desk or workspace, and feature a special break resistant lead that is glued the entire barrel length of the pencil - allowing for even sharpening.

This product is a staff favorite for keeping active learners engaged in written tasks.

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