Kore Design Junior Wobble Chair 16" Assorted Colors

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Kore Junior Wobble Chairs move with a seated child as they wiggle and fidget. Available in 6 different colors, these 16-inch chairs are ideal for grade-schoolers with Autism, ADHD or other special needs.

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Kids always have a hard time sitting still, especially those with special needs such as Autism or ADHD. The stiff, uncomfortable chairs and stools typically used in classrooms don’t help. Kore Junior Wobble Chairs are designed to move along with a kid’s natural movements, allowing them to stay supported and comfortable while wiggling around on the stool. By sitting on this seat while wiggling and fidgeting, kids also exercise their back muscles and work out excess energy, allowing them to stay focused in class. 16-inch seats are meant for use by grade-school-aged kids. Available in red, blue, green, orange, black, or grey.

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