Magnetic Build-A-Boat

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Magnetic Build A Boat is a creative activity for children with autism that builds imagination and develops critical thinking skills as children learn how to use the magnetic pieces to assemble a vessel.

It's “Creativity on the high seas!” for the home, classroom, or therapeutic setting. Magnetic Build A Boat is a toy for children with autism, asperger's, or other challenges that find it difficult to sort and match parts and assemble them to form different types of boats. Children use puzzle-solving strategies and enjoy the colorful magnetic pieces that allow them to quickly build their vessels.

Magnetic Build A Boat develops critical thinking as the child mixes and matches magnetic pieces to build a fireboat, tug boat, freighter, oil tanker, fishing boat, or boat of their dreams. The hidden magnetic locking system makes assembly and disassembly a snap.

OT and ABA Therapists, and educators of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) find that Magnetic Build A Boat helps children that have difficulty with identifying and manipulating objects and can be used as tangible token economy reinforcement in a behavior plan where one piece of the boat can be given as a reward.

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