Modarri Ultimate Toy Car - S1 Stinger

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The Delux PRO S1 Stinger is an amazing mix and match car kit will keep you happy building and playing with the features for hours! This Stinger can enlighten the imagination and keep it racing through thousands of fun scenarios. Mix & Match with the extra Roadster hood and fender for an extreme color-changing combination. Great for individuals who love to tinker. If taking things apart and putting them back together is your thing, you will love this car!


The Modarri Modular Building System uses retained screws that won't fall out. Just loosen the screws with the hex tool provided, then change out parts for fast and easy customization! There are 13 interchangeable parts in every PRO Delux set so you may enjoy countless design possibilities. The Modarri cars are built with real suspension and the finger-steering mechanics put you in the driver's seat for a smooth and ultimate racing experience!

These Modarri cars are also great education tools! Don’t worry your kids won’t even notice. The will be so busy having fun they won’t even know they are actually learning
valuable life skills such as mechanics, engineering and science while improving their awareness
and reasoning skills. It’s the ultimate learning toy in

The Modarri building system come’s in other fun sets that are also sold at the Autism Community Store. Find more cool colors and kits to combine and create even more amazing race car possibilities!


  • Metallic Yellow S1 Street Hood
  • Metallic Yellow S1 Street Fender
  • Metallic Yellow and Black S1 Street Frame
  • Glossy Black R1 Roadster Hood
  • Glossy Black R1 Roadster Fender
  • Front and Rear Suspension with street wheels
  • Hex Tool


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