Picture Rhymes - I Spy a Mouse in the House

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There's a mouse in  the housethat likes to run  from floor to floor, looking for things that  rhyme. Can you help?

Strengthen visual discrimination, vocabulary and phonics skills with Picture  Rhymes - I Spy a Mouse in the House! 


Hidden  on the back of each mouse game card  is a picture of  an object . Flip over  a card and  then try to spy something that  rhymes with the picture. 

Do you see  the tree? Now, quickly find the bee. 

If you find  it first, you keep the card. The winner  is  the player with the most cards. 

For even more fun, match the  pictures on the green mouse  cards with two objects in the house that rhyme. 


  • 36 durable game cards
  • colorful game  board
  • game directions  
  • ages  4+
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