Sands Alive! Starter Set

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Sands Alive! is a tactile treat our sensory-seeking kids can't get enough of.  The soft, moldable sand has a pleasant, smooth sensation and can be used to mold fun shapes, create playscapes, or just play with!  This convenient package includes everything you need to get started -- sand container, sculpting tools and rollers to make fun textures.  Kids with autism love it!


Sands Alive Starter Set! Sands alive is less messy than other sands. It has a fluffy soft texture that is pleasing and leaves kids wanting to play for hours.  The Sands Alive does not stick to hands, is great for hours of indoor, no-mess play and never dries out. It stimulates the senses and motivates the mind! Sands Alive is easy to sculpt and mold into whatever fun creation you can imagine. Fun for all ages you can mash it, squish it, sculpt houses, buildings, shapes, sand animals and sand castles, dig holes, bury and search for your favorite cars and tinker toys, use toy excavators and bulldozers to make a construction sight and so much more! It is non-toxic and prevents bacterial growth. Use the sculpting tools to cut the sand, make fine lines and smooth edges and more. The brick and pebble rollers are so cool! They allow you to makes your creations look like real brick houses, piles of boulders, Rocky Mountains and other awesome landscapes, anything else you can imagine!  

Sands Alive is great for individuals with autism, SPD, ADHA, and anxiety. People with autism and SPD often seek out different textures. The tactile input from the sand can increases sensory awareness, tactile stimulation, fine motor skills, and creative thinking. The soft fluffy texture glides between your fingers producing a clam, warm, stress reducing experience. This is a motivating sensory tool that will also help individuals with ADHD to maintain focus and attention. What an amazing learning tool as well! It can be used in the classroom and at home to engage your students, get them active and excited to mold shapes letters and numbers! Sands Alive is made with all-natural ingredients. It prevents bacterial growth and is made with a non-toxic formula. It’s a gluten-free and hypo-allergenic product that makes it safe for children 3 and up with sensitive skin and allergies to play!   

 The sands alive kit includes 1.5 pounds of sands alive, the kits total weight is 2 pounds and 1 oz. The box is 10 &3/4th inches long, 7 &3/4th inches tall, and 2& ½ inches wide. The play tray is 10 inches long, 7 inches wide and 2 &1/4th inches deep. Sands Alive is a choking hazard for children under the age of 3 and should be used by individuals 3 years and up.

This wonderful starter set comes equipped with brick and pebble rollers with an interchangeable handle, 2 creative sculpting tools, convenient, clean play tray and 1.5 pounds of Sands Alive! You can begin to play with the sand right away, however, Sands Alive is best used after allowing it time to breath. Take the Sands Alive out of its plastic cover and let it sit out for a few hours until it gets nice and fluffy! If you would like to give as a gift for the holidays or a birthday and you know your child will want to enjoy right away it may be a great idea to give it to them already out of the box, light and fluffy, and they will be ready to dig in!  

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