Sensory Cave Weighted Compression Vest

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The Sensory Cave Weighted Compression Vest provides deep pressure, and can be very calming to individuals with sensory needs who are anxious about environmental stimuli.  For some people with Autism, ADHD, SPD and other challenges, the combination of pressure and weight provides proprioceptive feedback that can improve focus and help with sensory overload.  An Autism Community Store exclusive, our weighted compression vests are made in the USA from a revolutionary breathable neoprene fabric.

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The combination of pressure and weight is like a comforting hug for the nervous system. The steady proprioceptive input sends a signal to the brain to release calming neurotransmitters.  In our experience at the store, individuals who will benefit from this input enjoy wearing the vest! 

In general, 5% of total body weight is a common standard for a weighted vest.  The total should never exceed 10-15% of total body weight.  It is best to ask a therapist to recommend the amount of weight based on an individual’s specific needs. 

Use weighted products with guidance from a therapist. You may benefit from 20-30 minutes of wear each hour, or longer. Use with adult supervision.

Sensory Cave Weighted Compression Vests are made from breathable neoprene on the front.  The entire back is velcro receptive, allowing for maximum adjustability. 

Use the following table to determine the appropriate size.  Vests come with the weight listed below included. 




Approx. Age


1 lb


18 months


2 lb


2 to 4


3 lb


5 to 8


4 lb




5 lb




6 lb




Safety guidelines


Don’t allow your child or client to use any weighted product, including the weighted compression vest, without an adult being present.  Make sure that the supervising adult is properly trained in using the product safely.

Check the weighted compression vest before each use for loose stitching or ripped seams.  Make sure the vest and the weight pockets are not torn or frayed in any way.  Do not use the vest until it is properly repaired or replaced.

Remove weights before washing the vest.

Only use a weighted compression vest at the recommendation of a health professional or occupational therapist.

Use the weighted compression vest for short intervals of time and gradually increase the time as needed, with adult supervision.  No more than 20-30 minutes of use at a time is generally recommended.

Store the vest in a safe place so they cannot be used without supervision.

Do not allow a child or client to use more than one weighted product at the same time.

Do not use weighted products around fire or flammable substances.

Do not allow a child to sleep in weighted clothing.

Never place weighted blankets in cribs with an infant.

 Do not use weighted products on small children.

Never cover a child’s face or restrict a child’s movement with a weighted product.

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