SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks - Crew

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SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks

Perfect for children experiencing sensory processing disorder, hyper-sensitivity or who simply can’t stand annoying seams, our patented SmartKnitKIDS® socks are being sought out by parents nationwide. A lot of care, detail and research went into the development of these unique socks to please children with sensitive little feet

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Truly seamless: Completely free of seams, our patented product is knit like a cocoon, starting from the toe up,                                                                          providing comfort and relief to children who struggle with “bumps & lumps” in their socks

Hugs little feet: Stretchy Corespun and Lycra yarns result in a form-fitting  design that “hug” little feet

Non-binding: Non-binding Halo Top™ fits comfortably without slipping down the leg. Regular socks often have elastic                                                              bands at the tops of the sock that can often pinch, bind or be a source of irritation

Unique no heel design:“No heel” design allows children to put on socks with confidence and keeps little feet from                                                           outgrowing their socks so quickly

No stinky feet: Wicks moisture away to keep feet dry and control odor

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