Smile & Succeed for Teens

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Get your “ultimate guide to teenage success” today! Research from Harvard University says social skills are the top factor for getting a job. Is your teen prepared? Smile & Succeed for Teens is an attention grabbing crash course in social skills that leads to A's in school, rich and meaningful relationships with their parents and peers, and a fulfilling career. For middle and high school age kids.
Your teens will quickly and easily learn valuable people skills to succeed in today’s wired world, and will have fun doing it! Packed with indispensable tips, proven techniques, and “must-do-now” strategies, this crash course in face-to-face communication generates immediate results. A must-read to master valuable social skills for teens, prepare for a job, and get a head start in a career. This book, developed in collaboration with a team of students, parents and educators, works. There is no other book like it! It is direct and easy to read, with illustrations and captions that support the content and provide additional learning.
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