Fidget Spinner Metallic

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The metallic spinners have amazing metallic colors that look like lightening in your hand as they spin! Fidget spinner are a very popular fidget amongst adults, teens and kids! The Groove design fits perfectly on your finger and can spin up to 5 minutes. Great for individuals with Autism, SPD, ADHD and Anxiety. Colors may vary and each sold seperatly.


The 3X3 dimensions are perfect for adult and kids hands. This compact and quiet fidget allows you to keep it with you while on the go: work, school, restaurants, movies, you name it.  Also wonderful while just relaxing at home and needing to unwind and de-stress. Spinning it over and over has a wonderful calming effect and helps relive those busy bodies and fidgeting fingers. Works wonders for those sensory seekers that enjoy nice, quiet and calm sensory impute. It’s so much fun to spin with friends and see who can get theirs to spin the longest. By giving out hands something to fidget with, it allows the rest of our body to calm down and regain focus on the teacher, long presentations or trainings at work, college lectures etc. Our minds are no longer wandering and thinking about the next break, when it’s time to eat, going to recess. You may notice signs of losing your audiences interest when they begging to bite their nails, tap there feet, click their pens and other fidgeting behaviors that are not productive and distract others around them. If these are behaviors you notice around the office or in yourself, the spinner fidget is a great solution!

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