Teaching Tac-Tiles

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This fun, educational Teaching Tac-Tiles set is perfect for sensory exploration and tactile learning! The bag of fun contains a set of textured shapes to introduce new sensory activities into your home or therapy center. Use Teaching Tac-Tiles on their own or combine it with other activities to add fun tactile stimulation and teach shapes, color, fine motor skills, and more! Let kids identify the pieces by looking, feeling, and describing.
Teaching Tac-Tiles feature 20 different sensory pieces in five different shapes and are colorful, engaging and have rich textures (smooth, bumpy, ridged and rough). Reach into the bag and find two matching shapes or textures only by touch or follow the included Activity Cards. These cards display an image representing a specific shape, texture, or combination of the two. Encourage learners to match cards up with the shape pieces to strengthen both language skills and critical thinking. When playtime is over, cleanup is easy! A convenient drawstring bag is included to hold cards and tiles. Shapes measure 2"H.
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