"It's like they just know."
- Joshua Elledge, age 12, visiting the Autism Community Store for the first time.

"I really do appreciate you going out of the way to order a product you don't normally carry.  You rock!"
-B.B, OT 11/04/12

"This store is amazing! My four year old needed a weighted compression vest, not only did the owner help him try it on she let him touch and explore the entire store! While he was doing that she gave me more information then i could hold in my hands...Im telling everyone about this store for word of mouth spreading!"
-ShyAnne Smith 10/11/12

"This unique store is one of only two in the nation with a specific emphasis on providing an array of materials for youngsters with ASD.  The parents of a child with autism founded this local store.  Their line of products is well assorted, providing families with a local “go-to” store where they can find an array of educational and therapeutic materials right in their backyards.  I have had the pleasure to meet Shannon, the owner, personally.  She is a committed, well-informed parent who provides support to many other families in Colorado.  Her store even has a free lending library.  I believe our community supports and networks are very important in the enhancement of our field."
-P.O., BCBA-D 2/5/12