Wooden Wiggle Snake

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This wooden snake is a classic design made up of natural wood. Hold the snakes by the tail and the realistic movement will send chills up your spine. It is sure to please anyone who has a fascination with these amazing creatures and will feel like they have their very own pet snake.  

Categories: Sensory Seekers

The wooden snake is 19.6 inches in length and .8 inches wide at the belly. The body of the snake has lively joints cut in that can bend, flex and wiggle for a realist effect. These toy snakes can be great for fidgeting hands, quiet playtime, sparking imagination and let’s not forget, an awesome gift for the practical jokers in your life, adults and kids alike!  

Made of real wood that is nontoxic, solid and durable.

Not intended for children under the age of 3.

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